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Healthcare assistant

Source: LEARNETIC SA, licencja: CC BY 4.0.

Fast pace of life and work is inextricably connected to the development of diseases of affluence. The desire to improve the quality and comfort of life in the world around us has widely contributed to the rise in demand for health care and assistance services. All this makes the profession of a healthcare assistant highly valued both in the country and abroad. Well‑qualified specialists have a great opportunity to constantly improve their skills and use the high‑tech medical equipment.

A healthcare assistant provides professional medical assistance to those who are sick, dependent on others and at different stages of their diseases. A specialist identifies and meets the biological, psychological and social needs of their patients. A healthcare assistant can also assist medical staff during care treatments. Moreover, they are also responsible for maintenance and disinfection of the tools and instruments used during those treatments. A healthcare assistant not only provides a sick or dependent person with hygienic and conditions but also cooperates with the members of a therapeutic team and encourages the patients to improve their self‑reliance in everyday activities.

A healthcare assistant can run their own business or find a stimulating job in a number of places. These are hospitals, health care facilities, long‑term care facilities, hospices, social welfare centres, private clinics, nursing homes, foundations and other institutions that work for the benefit of the sick and disabled.

The job of a healthcare assistant involves a great responsibility and therefore those who work at this position are usually exposed to a lot of stress. A perfect candidate for the job should have well‑developed organisational, communication and interpersonal skills, for that makes them more trustworthy from the patient’s perspective. What is more, the work with people at different stages of diseases and levels of disability requires health care assistants to be in good physical condition. A specialist should also be patient, full of empathy and involved in the job.