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Rural tourism technician

Source: LEARNETIC SA, licencja: CC BY 4.0.

Staying at agritourism farms far from the madding crowd is becoming more and more popular these days. This creates numerous possibilities for an agritourism specialist. The guests will not only enjoy relaxation, but also being in the open. And the farms offer all of that.

This job is for those who enjoy contact with other people and nature. Outgoing and sociable people won’t have a problem adapting to the circumstances. They will work with people of all ages and temperaments, both children as well as older adults. An agritourism specialist should explore their resourcefulness and organise recreational activities such as various workshops, playing with animals, horseback riding, bike rides, hiking etc.

The job of an agritourism specialist combines tourism with gastronomy. Managing an agritourism, ecotourism or cultural tourism farm involves organising its work and at the same time providing service to the clients.

In order to become an agritourism technician one must graduate from a technical high school, a post‑secondary vocational school or complete a special vocational training. Obtaining such education opens up the possibility of finding employment in travel agencies, tourism‑related institutions, agri- and eco‑tourism farms, guesthouses and administration institutions. One can also run their own business.

An agritourism technician should be friendly to the clients and respect the world around them. This helps create a welcoming atmosphere. That’s why they should have well‑developed interpersonal skills. And, most importantly, they should love what they do. It’s worth it!

Tourist service technician

Source: LEARNETIC SA, licencja: CC BY 4.0.

A tourist services specialist is a job for those who enjoy travelling and contact with other people. Active people persons will find this profession very satisfying.

The job is to find such a form of a trip that best suits the clients’ expectations on the basis of their requirements and preferences. However, in order to perform this task efficiently, a tourist services technician must possess broad knowledge of available options and products and the ability to make the offer compatible with what the client wants. It is mostly achieved by applying the brand new technical developments related to the tourism industry.

The basic tasks performed by a tourist services technician are the organisation of tourist events on the basis of the available options which they sell and calculate their costs. The client must be approached individually and treated in such a way as to make sure that they are content when leaving the travel agency. The scope of duties and rights of a tourist services technician are regulated by the law and the marketing principles. Additionally, a tourist services technician must keep record of the offers they’ve sold.

A person who wishes to become a tourist services technician must graduate from a technical secondary school, a postsecondary school, or complete a specialised vocational course. It guarantees a wide range of employment possibilities in a number of places such as travel agencies, tourist traffic facilities, tourist information points, administration institutions, hotels or with organising events or conferences.

A tourist services technician should feature positive attitude towards others and the world around and be inquisitive. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to solve problems are highly valued as well. Thoroughness, anticipation skills, and the ability to draw conclusions are no less important. A tourist services technician is a person who represents the company they work for and for this reason they need to be well‑mannered and possess developed social skills. But most importantly, they must love what they do for a living.