Hotel management technician

Source: LEARNETIC SA, licencja: CC BY 4.0.

A hotel management technician handles the broadly‑defined guest service in a hotel facility. Their job includes managing advertising and publicity, sales and booking of hotel services, guest service at the front desk, making sure that the rooms are ready for the arrival of guests, preparing and serving breakfasts, and offering extra services.

A hotel management technician is responsible for key or card exchange, searching for the information related to their stay on behalf of the guests in such areas as culture, restaurants or transport, charging fees for the stay in a hotel, accepting reservations, collecting guests’ personal items entrusted with the hotel, delivering the mail, and accepting complaints.

There is a number of character traits that a perfect candidate for the job should possess. These are: stress immunity, good looks, good manners, perceptiveness, attention span, being fond of working in services, good interpersonal skills, persuasiveness, the ability to make quick and informed decisions, individualism, and a sense of responsibility.

A person who works as a hotel management technician should also be resourceful, caring, kind, friendly, and honest. Thoroughness, discretion, reflexes, the ability to work under pressure, no problem making friends, patience, and sunny disposition are no less important.

The profession requires knowledge of foreign languages as it allows finding a job abroad. The bright side is, one can never be bored, because each day is like no other. The salary is quite rewarding with the job being fairly stressful.

Hotel management specialists manage conferences, fairs, and events that tend to be organised in hotel facilities more and more frequently. They will also find employment in hotels, inns, guesthouses, and resorts.