Infrastruktura kolejowa

Kształcenie zawodowe
branża transportu kolejowego
assembly calculation to design technical acceptance maintenance technical condition retaining wall drainage ditch culvert earthworks finishing works support saw span gravel turnout ballast rail rolling stock electric traction embankment to compact crosscut fastening connector geotextile grinding rail connector rail track sand and gravel mix sleeper tampering to fix to insulate to level to reinforce to stabilize track bed track crossing track laying machine track structure uneven clamp crane track gauge train dispatcher inspection to carry out adjusting device ballast cleaner decay defectoscopic railcar drilling machine fishbolt spanner gravel scraper handheld hammer impact wrench jack with a crank handle level crossing measuring draisine profiling machine rail grinder rail jack rail tongs ribbed base plate surveillance cycle switch back rod T wrench tamping machine to affect to weld trackmaster track insulating reinforcing mesh excavation crushed stone backhoe loader cass catenary pole continuous welded rail draining system draining trough fishplate joint rail base plate rail tamper railroad to connect track shoulder technical test connector engineering structure high visibility vest calliper defectoscopic diagnostic inspector geodetic heat‑sealed inspection crossing guard inspection schedule logbook meter ruler signalling trumpet straight gauge to perform track‑side traction device traffic load renovation alloy screw double arm spanner modernization rail fastening rail insert rail turning bar rails welding machine ratchet rib plate steel mallet to maintain to replace to tighten track frame obstacle hole passage reinforcement pillar strength footbridge viaduct bridge load clear width fixed asset pedestrian traffic railway line single line tunnel slope of embankment to complete to mount to redirect to stake out parameter damage girder crack bearing capacity bill of quantities asphalt assessment current inspection deck engineering expansion joint field inspection pre‑stressing steel safe use structural steel to displace to evaluate usability visual inspection equipment gantry crane original adjacent alien ballast channel concrete encased conditions of use frame geometric improvement operational effect railway transport sheet piling structural element to require to restore vaulted order costs service contractor public procurement as‑built bill of quantities investment cost estimate investor labour man‑hour outlay quantity survey item quantity survey of works single unit pricing tender cost estimate approximate data financial expenditure initial cost estimate markup material scope optimization projected cost tender to calculate to determine to render to specify work cost estimate profiling special inspection podtorze nawierzchnia kolejowa budowa kolei kooej budowa report kolej scratch surface slope layer deformation structure mesh measuring tape foil project road failure loss drainage foundation corrosion bypass revitalization concrete aggregate screw dowel levelling instrument tachometer theodolite benchmark infrastructure

Jacek Stańdo, Mariusz Doliński, Magdalena Furmaniak, Krzysztof Kisiel, Dorota Krawczyk - Stańdo, Janusz Kuliński, Kinga Pietrasik-Kulińska, Aneta Stasiak, Małgorzata Stasiak, Witold Walas, Agnieszka Burcan-Krawczyk, Dorota Gostkowska-Kulak, Magdalena Jarniewicz, Aleksandra Kaczmarek, Agnieszka Wajs, Krystyna Kiedrzyńska, Elżbieta Kuskowska, Lechosława Pyzik, Teresa Smolec, Halina Świątnicka, Weronika Wójcik, Wioleta Fabijańska, Magdalena Gałaj, Agnieszka Pfeiffer