Prace budowlane / Construction works

Kształcenie zawodowe
branża budowlana
Słowa kluczowe
montaż żuraw ściana spacer forma pipeline wiązanie report trench immersion depth press cegła cement beton zaprawa cementowa majster friction measurement thermal insulation stability base set solution sklepienie strop drainage foundation lime mortar indicator operation tynk rafter ridge roofer valley chisel plumb bob level trowel jigsaw beam wood‑based material batten formwork steel fixer purlin queen post truss turnbuckle wall plate documentation inventory joint assembly column footing supervision inspector crew wagon construction log shoulder demolition drill folding rule moisture barrier varnish primer tape measure wire brush track reinforcing mesh renovation reinforcement girder crack equipment contractor as‑built bill of quantities investment cost estimate investor labour man‑hour outlay drain pipe heater screed indirect costs quantity survey machinist square wedge mortar stucco vault rainwater basement of a building bituminous material builder's square damp proof course damp proofing dampness electrical mixer habitable attic hydrostatic level liquid foil liquid insulation foil priming brush vapour barrier waterproofing adhesive mixture squeezer chisel out delamination of plaster ETICS (external thermal insulation composite system) expanded polystyrene foam (epf) nail gun plastic dowel pneumatic plier reinforcing net screw gun weep hole wooden siding stripper angle grinder anti‑corrosion coating binder bituminous chemical‑resistant insulation enamel insulation material mechanical processing paint coating putty roofing felt welding works sandblasting concreting distribution bar mounting bar multi point spot welding machine primary reinforcement RC structure rebar bender rebar bending machine rebar cutter rebar cutting machine rebar wire tie tool rebar / reinforcing bar reinforcement cage reinforcement skeleton of slabs secondary reinforcement stirrup tie wire welding concrete cover double tie figure eight tie reinforced concrete strip sadle tie single tie spot welding machine team terraced building welding machine wire cutters concrete slump test cone of a device degree of compactability determine the composition of the mix dosing by weighing dosing by weighing and volume examination of workability free immersion laboratory receipt measure in weight/volume measuring cone novikov cone propagation table read on the scale release measuring cone select set the indicator of the scale to zero tip of the cone volume to volume ratio (v/v) volumetric dosing work stand workability workability test working receipt conveyor conveyor belt concrete mixer crane bucket impurities insulating mat level a surface place of installation plastic sheet portland cement rigidity spray with water telescopic tube tripper trailer shovel cement mortar blast furnace cement cement‑lime mortar composition of concrete mix concrete pan mixer concrete placement concrete placement site dosing by weight dosing by volume dosing by weight and volume draft recipe dry aggregate expiry date fireclay mortar flow mortar mixer free from impurities free‑fall concrete mixer granulation grog clay heat resistant clay laboratory recipe mortar class mortar mixer Portland cement quartz slate quick‑hardening cement renovation plaster segregation of compounds silica mortar slacking container thermal insulation mortar thick‑plastic consistency two‑wheel wheelbarrow type of mortar uniform colour build under the rope common / American bond groove header bond hollow brick joist lay bricks flat lay bricks in a rhombus‑like way lay bricks vertically lintel mason square mason with foam masonry scoop mason's hammer monk bond monolithic mortar with high thermal resistance Polish bond rubber hammer spirit level (gauge) stretcher bond to plumb a corner tongue and groove joint traversing rule scoop (mason's) trowel acrylic EPS trowel felted plaster mixing pump plaster mixer rough cast rough plaster sanded plaster silicone plaster smooth plaster sprayed plaster steel trowel thin‑coat plaster thinned plaster washable plaster explosive spade brick wall bulldozer debris skip pickaxe rebuilding rotary hammer rubble steel rope storey mobile crane winch gantry beam sling clamp for joining the ends of a rope crawler crane cylindrical vessel disassemble double‑leaf doors electric engine hydraulic hoist insulated lubricated multi sheave multiple‑wythe wall multi‑storeyed permanent structure rope sling self‑climbing crane self‑driving tower crane sheave spherical vessel steel hall steel tower steel wire rope warehouse hall landing assembly rod assembly worker balcony plate compacted crane driver crane track flight of stairs foreman gripper guy line horizontal joint joint filling large‑panel technology operation of machines prefabricated column footing RC road slab rectification rectification of vertical alignment road slab roof girder trolley vertical joint assembly documentation cladding sheet cover a roof door frames foundation slab girt glulam girder light coating with roofing shingles pour the foundation prefabricated panel steel box girder timber ceiling tower crane trapezoidal timber truss triangular timber truss wall‑board window frames wooden cladding arch lintel bond brick cornice ceramics continuous footing detached chimney fractional brick klein's brick lintel klein's ceiling load‑bearing wall mason’s angle mason’s hammer overalls partition wall rubber mallet silicate water hose bind reinforcement bars binding wire compaction compressive stress curing and protection of new concrete external vibrator formation of a building element formwork batten formwork system immersion vibrator laying concrete mix merging formworks portable concrete mixer pump for concrete mix rammer rodding slag hammer tensile stress roller anticorrosion primer brace building crane counterweight final acceptance framed hall I‑section beam slump test trapezoidal sheet crowbar lumber ceiling material compactor concrete plant detachment of the soil flooring and cladding material grader jackhammer mattock outdoor repository soil compaction spoil wheel tractor‑scraper strut bituminous covering building placing caissons foundations coffer deep foundations diagonal brace foundation frame foundation pile foundation ring foundations on wells ground plate gutter ladder‑like stairs metal sheet covering metal sheet flashing open well parallel performance method queen post regular performance method rib of a beam roof load bearing structure scrubber pipe subsequent performance method working chamber cable superstructure cantilever coating with brick consumption of materials duble‑sided wooden attachement horizontal anti‑damp lock injection agent propping rafter roofing RC coating residential community stiffening horizontal strut thermal insulation of the outer walls top/bottom support undercutting method U‑profile vertical deflection waterbarrier‑driving method container information board electrical installation tractor crushing attachment demolition permit diary of demolition dust‑protection mask extinguishing agent fall damper gas installation project of demolition rubbish chute safety cord safety harness safety shoes sanitary installation self‑locking device technical expertise the arrangement of demolition site warning board cost estimate price list bill of quantities (boq) building stocktaking cost estimator costs of materials direct costs gross investment estimate value labour cost machine‑hour materials national contractors estimator net investment estimate value offer cost estimate overhead profit public works contract rate item road and street surfaces standard inputs supplementary estimate technical project unit cost unit price vat (value‑added tax) monter kosztorys projekt techniczny fundament krokiew komin asphalt mix corner with a net electric saw thermal bridge wind insulation foil prefabricate construction machinery up‑and‑over roof plate antiadhesive agent discharge chute hopper surface vibrator clamp connector storage umbrella roof coating with concrete thermal injection/thermo‑injection wall drying by injection demolition cutter steel wire deskowanie zaprawa zaprawa szamotowa szamot izolacje izolacja przeciwwodna izolacja wodochronna izolacja parochronna hydroizolacja izolacja chemoodporna materiał izolacyjny mieszanka pręt montażowy pręt nośny pręt zbrojeniowy konstrukcja żelbetowa szkielet zbrojeniowy siatka zbrojeniowa otulina zbrojenia zbrojarz zaprawa cementowo‑wapienna betoniarka betonowanie suche kruszywo pustak kielnia prefabrykat konstrukcja stalowa konstrukcja drewniana drut wiązałkowy szalunek żuraw budowlany dziennik budowy nadproże zbrojenie
Job characteristics - Building insulation fitter
Job characteristics - Concreter‑steel fixer
Job characteristics - Bricklayer‑plasterer
Job characteristics - Building construction fitter
Job characteristics - Construction technician
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Jacek Stańdo, Mariusz Doliński, Magdalena Furmaniak, Krzysztof Kisiel, Dorota Krawczyk - Stańdo, Janusz Kuliński, Kinga Pietrasik-Kulińska, Aneta Stasiak, Małgorzata Stasiak, Witold Walas, Agnieszka Burcan-Krawczyk, Dorota Gostkowska-Kulak, Magdalena Jarniewicz, Aleksandra Kaczmarek, Agnieszka Wajs, Krystyna Kiedrzyńska, Elżbieta Kuskowska, Lechosława Pyzik, Teresa Smolec, Halina Świątnicka, Weronika Wójcik, Wioleta Fabijańska, Magdalena Gałaj, Agnieszka Pfeiffer, Jacek Stańdo, Mariusz Doliński, Magdalena Furmaniak, Krzysztof Kisiel, Dorota Krawczyk - Stańdo, Janusz Kuliński, Kinga Pietrasik-Kulińska, Aneta Stasiak, Małgorzata Stasiak, Witold Walas, Agnieszka Burcan-Krawczyk, Dorota Gostkowska-Kulak, Magdalena Jarniewicz, Aleksandra Kaczmarek, Agnieszka Wajs, Krystyna Kiedrzyńska, Elżbieta Kuskowska, Lechosława Pyzik, Teresa Smolec, Halina Świątnicka, Weronika Wójcik, Wioleta Fabijańska, Magdalena Gałaj, Agnieszka Pfeiffer